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Monday, March 25, 2013


I skipped out of work early on Friday, and stayed offline most of the weekend. Do y'all mind if I do BYOC now? I never get around to doing memes and hate missing all the fun! It's Bring Your Own Crazy, right? Well my crazy is LATE.

1.  What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?  Is it still on today?
I loved He-Man and She-Ra! Don't make me choose between the two. I don't think they're still on TV, but they are streaming on Netflix, which made it possible for me to introduce them to my kiddo. He's watched some of the episodes (he likes the Christmas special best) but with SO many options for cartoons these days, dated ones like those can't hold his attention for long.

2.  Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

I've had to replace so many of my clothes, so I don't even know if I have a favorite right now. Usually it would be whatever my cutest sundress, or most flattering little black dress was. These days, it's whichever pair of jeans currently fits the best. That would probably be my Torrid skinny jeans. Although it's super annoying that I wear a size larger in Torrid jeans than in Old Navy non-plus jeans. Thanks for making a chubby girl feel awesome, Torrid.

3.  In the hopes of convincing summer to arrive, I'm asking this question: Name a summer tradition you currently have or a tradition you want to start for every summer.

Nearly every Summer, we host a few "porch nights". Which just means that we invite a few friends to come over at night (long after the sun goes down, in hopes that it won't be sweltering) to sit on our back porch and have some beers, and chips and salsa. Beers are out for me this year, but if I nix porch nights, my husband would be a super sad camper. A new tradition I'd like to start is Summer vacations! We usually go somewhere in the Summer for family obligations, like visiting the in-laws in New York, or a wedding in Maine. Those are nice and all, but I want to start going on trips to places where family members don't live. Like DISNEY WORLD. And you know, other places.

4.  For all of the newbie bloggers out there getting to know everyone - let's answer this one.  How long have you been blogging, what is your theme and how did you pick your name?  Why did you start blogging?  What kind of blogs are your favorite to read and follow?

I've actually been blogging for many years, but only been lapband blogging for three months.
My theme is Austin, basically. Trying to be healthier in one of the best cities for eating in the world. My blog template needs work, but that is not my strong suit. Plus, it would take away time from very important endeavors like shopping, nail painting, YA reading, or watching Pitch Perfect again.
I picked my name mostly because I wanted to be identifiable by location for any other banded Austin folks who might want to get together or bond over shared queso addictions.
I have no idea why I started this blog. Like I said, it's taking valuable time away from the above pursuits. But I enjoyed reading everyone else's so much, and I wanted to comment on theirs, but felt weird without my story being out there in return. That's weird, right?
These days, I mostly read lapband blogs. Though I'm also a big fan of Go Fug Yourself and Forever Young Adult. I'm super highbrow like that. Oh, and if there is a recap of the latest Vampire Diaries episode, I am all over it.

5.  Summarize your week in blogland and in real life for us.
 I complained about my scale being rude, due to no fault of my own for eating junk, of course. And read everyone's blogs and tried to be a good commenter. Shout-out to Mon for being a blogging fiend due to being stuck at home recovering from surgery. It helped keep me entertained at the office.

Real life: Pretty hectic week at work and at home. My life always feels crazier in the Spring. I'm sure my snow-bird in-laws being in town for three months has absolutely nothing to do with it. I did manage to make it out for happy hour on Friday night, which was a great time to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having. Just in time for another cold front to come in and ruin it all. C'MON SPRING, LET'S DO THIS ALREADY.

Me and cider.


  1. I watched Pitch Perfect while I was home-bound last week...super cute!

    I don't know what I'm gonna do without beer/cider this summer!!! There will a sad Mon drinking some other low-cal, non-carbonated beverage and feeling a little less summery as a result.

    I was She-Ra for Halloween in 2nd grade...I was inspired by my She-Ra lunchbox :) I was an 8-year-old chick warrior!

    1. I was She-Ra for Halloween in second grade too! Though my mom originally wanted me to be a gypsy that year. As if second graders even know what a gypsy is? But then a neighbor bought me a She-Ra costume for my birthday. To please my mom, I did both, gypsy half the night, and She-Ra half the night. As a result, every time I pushed my She-Ra mask up, I looked like a second grade street-walker due to the gypsy makeup.
      And million dollar idea? DIET CIDER. This needs to happen.

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    1. Thanks Harli! Sunglasses are a weakness. I have a ridiculous number of them.