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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 200.8

- 1.8 lb loss

-50.2 lbs loss since surgery
-80.2 lb loss overall (the MFP ticker refuses to update to this effect)

So I didn't quite reach Onederland by June, but I can see it from here. Hopefully, I'll make it by June 8, the one year anniversary of my lap band consultation. A year ago, I never let myself imagine this far ahead. I knew people had been successful with the lap band, but I didn't really think that I might be one of them. I never wanted to be thin. I've never been thin in my entire life, and the thought of it is completely alien. But I never even imagined losing more than 80 pounds.

The truth is, I've weighed over 200 pounds most of my adult life. Weighing less than that, for me, is associated with adolescence. You know, painfully awkward, horribly self-conscious, adolescence. That time of my life where I pretty much constantly hated my "fat" body. I was definitely more confident and comfortable in my own skin at 280 pounds than I ever was in my high school body. Even though I've spent the last year on this weight loss journey, the slowest part has definitely been the emotional adjustment to living in a different body.

We leave Sunday for Orlando. I'm going to Disney World and Universal Studios with my family, and I'm pretty excited for the non-scale victories that await.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This morning's weigh-in showed that I've hit 80lbs lost. It's not official until Friday weigh-in, of course. But, in the interest of celebrating/rewarding with something other than food, I got a new Summer dress.

I had a really great collection of sundresses, but they all ended up in the donate pile after the last closet clean-out. One NSV I've noticed? Non-plus size clothes can be WAY cheaper. $20 sundresses blows my mind. I think I could get used to this.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Seven Month Update

Starting weight (6/8/12): 281 lbs
Surgery day (10/26/2012): 261 lbs
Current weight: 202.6 lbs (down 1.6 lbs from last week)

- 58.4 lbs since surgery
- 78.4 lbs loss overall

This time last year, I was on a girls weekend trip.

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 - 281 lbs
That was a size 3X dress from some plus size website. I was finally ready to make a change, and I had scheduled my lap band consultation.

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - 203 lbs
That's my game show hostess pose for y'all. One year and 78 lbs later (bat wings come at no extra charge), and I'm wearing an XL dress from an Old Navy store where I can just walk in and buy clothes that fit me whenever I want.

It's been a good year.

Friday, May 24, 2013

No Friday Weigh-In

The scale and I do not agree today. So I'm saving weigh-in for Sunday, which is my 7 months post-op. Unofficially, I weighed exactly the same as I did last Friday. Which boggles my mind a little, since I didn't eat more than 1200 calories a day all week. Ever have one of those weeks? When you feel like you did everything right, but the scale is not impressed? And I cleaned my closet out again - two more trash bags full of clothes that are too big!

On Wednesday morning, I actually saw 202.8 on the scale. But then I ran out of the prescription diuretic that I take to combat the swelling/water retention caused by the high blood pressure medicine (which I'm hoping to get off of soon). I'm back on the diuretic, but maybe it takes times to work? That's what I've decided anyway.

I had an appointment with my primary care physician this week. They did some blood work to check my thyroid (I've been hypothyroid practically all my life), cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides, etc. All my numbers came back better than they were in December, except for my triglycerides. That one is borderline high, but not like HIGH. Hoping that continuing to lose weight, and trying to get more steps in every week will help with that. I don't think I could handle fish oil supplements.

SOOOO looking forward to this three day weekend! I'm getting my hair and toes done. I plan to look fierce. Now tell that scale to help a sister out.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Super Grumpy Today

One reason I'm a grump today is because my fitbit hates me. No really, it does. We've bought my husband a fitbit, and he's also syncing it up with MyFitnessPal, like I do. Yesterday, he walked 3600 steps, and fitbit synced with MyFitnessPal, giving him an extra 275 calories. Yesterday, I walked 5200 steps and fitbit synced with MyFitnessPal, giving me 63 calories.

The day before that, it gave me 14 calories in the afternoon. Then, when I synched later in the evening, it took them away.

WHY? Why does it hate me?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 204.2

- 1.8 lb loss

-56.8 lbs loss since surgery
-76.8 lb loss overall

I've been quiet this week. I almost apologized for it, but then I figured y'all survived fine without me. And I have a hard time imagining anyone sitting around wondering where that crazy Kay has been. Just figure I'm off eating cookies. They were a Mother's Day present and they were delicious. Not sorry! But I did log extra steps in the fitbit for every single one of them.

It's been a fairly uneventful week, except for the sinus infection that's hit me, at the worst possible time. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks of doctor appointments, end of school, kindergarten graduation (ludicrous tradition) etc, before we're off to Disney World on June 2.

I'm toying more and more with the idea of quitting my job this Summer. The husband starts a new job at the end of the month, paying just a tiny bit more money, but with better insurance options. And I've been at my current job for nearly 11 years, have never loved it, and am so burnt out that I can barely stand it. I've been fantasizing about being a stay-at-home mom for a very long time now. Getting to walk my kiddo to and from school, keeping my house clean (and organized) without having to pay someone else to do it, grocery shopping on a week day! I'm going to keep crunching my budget spreadsheets until I can make it happen. I would do it tomorrow, but my company gives an annual bonus in August that would pay off a credit card or more. That would make the math work a bit better.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 206

- .6 lb loss

-55 lbs loss since surgery
-75 lb loss overall

I actually saw 206 on the scale last Saturday morning, but after that, it was all bad news from there. So I'm actually relieved to be recording any kind of loss rather than a gain today. This week was crazy hectic and stressful and I forgot to bring my breakfast twice. Yesterday, I ate two pop tarts for breakfast, which I hadn't had in years. They weren't even good, but it actually seemed like the least awful choice in the office vending machine. Considering they have this option, I figured I could have done worse:

And it smells AMAZING when people heat it in the microwave.
I also had far too much salt this week. Chips and queso, why can't I quit you? Just hoping I'm not too behind on my mini-goal of Onederland by June.
I'm enjoying my new Fitbit, although it wants me to walk 10,000 steps a day, and I average about 5,000 steps a day. Not sure how I can manage more steps in my day, unless I quit my desk job to be a stay-at-home mom (which would be AWESOME). Because all my activity spikes are when I'm home. Lots more moving when there's laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. to do.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Mother's Day, moms!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Me and the Kid

I'm solo parenting this week while my husband is on a business trip. He goes away on business so rarely, that it's always a little weird. I stay up too late watching TV, and the 6 year-old and I eat macaroni too often. Before dad went out of town, we took him to see Iron Man 3 and he was SO excited, he could barely stop bouncing.

He's growing up too fast.
 Last night, we took a break from macaroni and fish sticks (one of his favorites) to eat one of the light dinners he likes. Summer sausage, smoked gouda (he's very particular about his cheeses) and Ritz whole grain crackers (he doesn't know about the whole grain part). This meal could use some vegetables, but he won't eat them, and I needed more protein.

Mine is the yellow plate, and considering I didn't finish all that summer sausage (which was the 2oz serving size), I ate the same amount of food as a 6 year-old. That blows my mind.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 206.6

-2.2 lb loss

-54.4 lbs loss since surgery
-74.4 lb loss overall
No weigh-in photos for me while I'm way overdue for a pedicure and have silly tan lines from my flip-flops! Been so busy dealing with trying to refinance our house, husband transitioning jobs, and so much needs to be done around the house. But, it's okay, since according to my husband, we don't have a stressful life.
As you know, I'm all about buying myself presents, so I ordered myself a Fitbit! I'm super excited. Now I'm gonna walk laps around the office like Mon. Which is a far better use of my time than online shopping or PINNING ALL THE THINGS. I suppose I could work when I'm at work, but where's the fun in that?
Gotta admit, I really wish they had it in pink.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Someone told me again today how great I'm looking. My gosh, that just never gets old.

So I've been mulling over getting myself a present when I've lost 100lbs. No, it won't be goal yet, but 100lbs is a bit more official sounding than 111lbs, or whatever silly goal I have. Plus, maybe it would serve as a reminder to keep that 100lbs off. Because if I gained it back, I wouldn't feel like I deserved to still wear that present. Because I'm thinking jewelry, of course. Just a little something from some little store, maybe.