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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Seven Month Update

Starting weight (6/8/12): 281 lbs
Surgery day (10/26/2012): 261 lbs
Current weight: 202.6 lbs (down 1.6 lbs from last week)

- 58.4 lbs since surgery
- 78.4 lbs loss overall

This time last year, I was on a girls weekend trip.

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 - 281 lbs
That was a size 3X dress from some plus size website. I was finally ready to make a change, and I had scheduled my lap band consultation.

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - 203 lbs
That's my game show hostess pose for y'all. One year and 78 lbs later (bat wings come at no extra charge), and I'm wearing an XL dress from an Old Navy store where I can just walk in and buy clothes that fit me whenever I want.

It's been a good year.


  1. That's awesome!!! I have that exact same dress from Old Navy in pink and white :)

    1. I just ordered another one in green! Although, when it's a windy day, I end up flashing everyone. So, just have to remember to wear the cute undies.

    2. Yes, I learned that they hard way...I just told everyone it was Marilyn Monroe debut :-)

  2. You look wonderful!! For real! Keep at it.

  3. Oh wow you look great! Congratulations!

  4. I love how happy you look - congratulations!