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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Someone told me again today how great I'm looking. My gosh, that just never gets old.

So I've been mulling over getting myself a present when I've lost 100lbs. No, it won't be goal yet, but 100lbs is a bit more official sounding than 111lbs, or whatever silly goal I have. Plus, maybe it would serve as a reminder to keep that 100lbs off. Because if I gained it back, I wouldn't feel like I deserved to still wear that present. Because I'm thinking jewelry, of course. Just a little something from some little store, maybe.


  1. Ooh that sounds like an awesome idea! Let us know when you decide what your reward should be :)

  2. I love any reason for getting new jewelry :)

    1. I will make up any excuse, really.

  3. Yes yes yes. 100 pounds most DEFINITELY deserves a milestone reward!!! And so happy for the compliments you are getting, you've certainly earned them. :-)