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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 192

- 1.6 lb loss

-69 lbs loss since surgery
-89 lb loss overall

So for the last several weeks, I'll be weighing less all week (I weigh daily) but when it comes Friday morning (the only weight I record) I'll be up, sometimes by a couple of pounds. It's not even usually due to going out and drinking the night before (although this week it was - oops). So I've been toying with the idea of doing my official weigh-ins biweekly, just to alleviate some of the stress of thinking I've gained multiple pounds overnight (probably not an actual thing that happens) when I'm actually just retaining water.

Only one more pound to my next mini-goal!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 193.6

-  .6 lb loss

-67.4 lbs loss since surgery
-87.4 lb loss overall

I weighed in Friday morning, but didn't have time to post it, since we were headed to the beach for the weekend! These incremental losses are seriously frustrating. But I guess I should just be glad the trend is downward, instead of up.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How have you lost so much weight?

I get asked that question a lot. With close friends, I'm able to answer it easy enough. But since I chose not to disclose my lap band surgery at work, it's a little harder. I work in an exceptionally gossipy office. I fly under the radar whenever possible, and don't have a ton of close friends here anymore (my two closest ones quit years ago). I choose to keep most aspects of my life private, and this one wasn't any different. I absolutely didn't want to be gossiped about, scrutinized, or speculated about in any way. This was an extremely personal decision I made, and I have no interest in discussing it with people I consider merely aquaintances.

So when I get asked "How have you lost so much weight?", I have fairly vague stock answers. "I've made a lot of changes in the last year. I eat a lot less than I used to, I track everything I eat. And I try to be more active." All of those are true, but putting it that way still makes me feel dishonest.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 194.2

-  .2 lb loss

-66.8 lbs loss since surgery
-86.8 lb loss overall

Like, seriously? .2 lbs? UGH. I've been seeing 193 on the scale ALL WEEK, until this morning. Maybe I had too much salt yesterday? I've been giving into my Pringles cravings far too much lately. They're only 150 calories per serving, but that salt cannot be doing me any favors. Once they're gone, I'm not buying any more, dammit.

So, let's talk about something less lame than my weight? I turned in my resignation this week. July 31st will be my last day. I'm going to stay home with my kiddo, and enjoy what's left of Summer break. I've got a lot of organizing I want to do, and some recipes I want to try. I'll get to walk him to and from school in the Fall, and get more steps in! Maybe eventually I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and then I'll go back to work. But for now, I'm really looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom (though I prefer the less accurate, but more decadent sounding, "lady of leisure").

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Well, I figured y'all hadn't seen me in about 20 lbs. I had to switch to leggings because all my yoga pants are too baggy. It made me feel a little dishonest, since the leggings (even though they too are a size too big) compress my tummy flab just a little. Y'all should see me run or swim. I jiggle like jello. Loose skin is just adorable, isn't it?

Pre-Op: 10/25/12     261 lbs

1/24/13     231 lbs

4/8/2013     215 lbs

7/8/2013      194 lbs

My Lap-Band disaster

"My Lap-Band disaster" is the headline of this Salon article. Go and read it, then come back and let's discuss.

This woman, who weighed 175 lbs, couldn't find a surgeon in the U.S. that was unethical enough to give her a lap band, so she went to another country to find one. She says that she read everything she could about the lap band, but if she had, she would have found out how crucial aftercare is. She'd know that flying to London a couple of times a year for a fill is not the extent of it. She'd know that the people who are the most unhappy or least successful with their lap band, tend to not have access to good aftercare (for example, this poor girl who got hers in Mexico) or go into the surgery ill-informed and with unrealistic expectations.

"Every time I tried to eat broccoli or carrots or anything healthy I used to enjoy, it would get caught in my throat and hurt so badly that I would race to the bathroom to puke." Nowhere in the article, does she talk about learning to chew, chew, chew, and eating slowly, all the lifetime behaviors we have to modify. Which, as you and I know, goes hand in hand with band. Obviously, her band was already primed when it was inserted. Due to her difficulties eating, she resorts to slider foods. We've all been there. But then, she goes to have FLUID ADDED.

Basically, I'm all stabby now that this woman - who did not meet the criteria for this surgery - got it anyway, and now gets to speak about it in a public forum. My husband urged me to comment on the article, but I avoid internet article comments like the plague. Comments are where hope goes to die. But I'm not above verbally abusing Salon on twitter, for that inflammatory headline, and for showcasing this author.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Weigh-In Friday

Today's weight is 194.4, same as last week. So this is what happens when weigh-in day falls immediately after a holiday. Hmph. Stupid milkshake. 

I hope you all had an excellent July 4th! I'm off today to hang out with this guy and see Despicable Me 2 (in 3D)!


Monday, July 1, 2013


Had .2 cc taken out of my band this morning. Was able to swallow pills! And eat lunch without the aid of a glass of wine! I feel so much better.