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Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Yes, I'm aware that today is not Friday. I was running around on Friday, getting ready for my son's 6th birthday party. Saturday was the party. Sunday was clean-up and recovery. But, I did weigh myself on Friday.

Starting weight: 281 lbs
Surgery day: 261 lbs

Today's weight: 210.6

-2 lb loss

-50.4 lbs loss since surgery
-70.4 lb loss overall
I would post a picture of my birthday boy, but he was too busy bouncing in the bounce house and not available for photos. Here's one of me with my college best friend.

Appropriately attired for a superhero party.


  1. You both look so cute! (I love the ponytails!) And seventy pounds lost - doesn't that just amaze you? WOW! I bet that is more than your son weighs! (My almost 10 year old is 74 pounds I think - but he is a skinny kid!) Just hard to wrap your brain around, or my brain around anyway. Congratulations! You must feel so proud of yourself!

  2. Well done on the loss, you're doing so well!! x

  3. Thanks so much ladies! 70lbs is definitely hard to wrap my brain around.