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Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Kid

Oh look! It’s another lap band blogger! Do we really need another one of those? Well, yeah. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the other lap band blogs, while I was preparing to have surgery, while going through the horrible post-op liquid diet, the boring mushie phase, and now that I’m recovered. But I never found a blogger in Austin, so I was lacking the perspective of someone who’s dealing with the same struggles, unique to an Austin lap band patient. Mainly: Salt Lick potato salad, Kerbey Lane queso, Sugar Mama’s cupcakes, and Alamo Drafthouse pizza.

I was banded October 26, 2012 at Turning Point Surgery Center in San Antonio. I lost 20 lbs prior to surgery, and have lost 22 lbs since. I currently have 5.7 ml in my 10cc band. Hoping for another fill next week, as I am sadly, not yet in the green zone.

I’m learning new things every day, like exercising isn’t that bad once you get started, that eating like a 5 year-old (or with one) is not fun to enter into MyFitnessPal, and that flour tortillas are seldom my friend.

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  1. Just read this post! Guess you weren't at True Results! :)