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Thursday, June 27, 2013


I went in Tuesday afternoon for an adjustment. I must have drawn the short straw and got the NP who likes to give really aggressive fills. After we talked about my hunger and how I'd previously been in the green zone, she thought I needed a .3 fill. Her rationale was that most people who fall out of the green zone usually need a .2 fill to get them back in place. But since I haven't had any particular foods that I can't eat, she figured I could handle .3. But since the last time she gave me an aggressive fill, I got stuck so much that I had to go in and have some fluid removed, I chose .2.

I was doing fine until yesterday afternoon, when I forgot that the band doesn't like me to take pills after a nap. I nap so rarely, that it's an easy rule to forget. But the band made sure that I WOULD REMEMBER. So that was a really awful stuck episode. I was a little afraid to attempt dinner later that night. But I took it very slowly, and took tiny bites. I made it to the last bite before getting stuck. But hey, now I get to cross "slime into napkin at table in fancy restaurant" off my bucket list.

This morning, my band is still a bit on the tight side. I'm sure my stuck episodes from yesterday didn't help much. Swallowing my tiny pills and sips of water was uncomfortable this morning. Taking big gulps of Crystal Light at work was also a bad idea. So I've basically been too scared to attempt food today. Hopefully, I just need time to adjust to the tighter band and for any swelling to go down. I have a "date" weekend planned with my husband, and eating figures prominently into it, so it would be nice to, you know, get to do that.


  1. Darned fickle bands... hope you get to enjoy your date with your husband!

  2. Wow, that does sound possibly too tight. Hope it calms down for you soon!

  3. Oh Kay, I'm sorry. :-( I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend, and the fill level is not too much. :-(