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Monday, June 17, 2013

None of my impulses are good.

I had a wild impulse on Friday night to stop taking my blood pressure medicine and diuretic. I tried to get my primary care doctor to take me off of it at my last appointment, but I think she felt like "why mess with it if it's working?" But she's not the one who has to take two extra prescriptions a day. So, I decided to stop taking them and see how my blood pressure was at my lap band appointment this morning. The good news is, the blood pressure was perfectly normal. The bad news is that without the diuretic, I swell up like a Thanksgiving parade balloon. I'm up 4-5 pounds from Friday's weigh-in, and I did not eat 5lbs worth of crap all weekend.

The nurse practitioner said I probably shouldn't abruptly stop taking both medications. And yes, she probably has a point. She suggested that I stay on the diuretic for now, and start tapering off after a month. So, I'll try that, and see how my blood pressure looks when I go back for next month's appointment. And now that I'm back on the diuretic, I'll be taking about one million pee breaks.

I did not get a fill today. The NP didn't see the point. My weight is going down, yet I can eat whatever I want. It's sheer will-power alone that keeps me from eating entire loaves of French bread. She said if I still want a fill next month, I can have a little one.

Here's another picture from our trip to Disney World. My 12 year-old sister went with us. She weighs 83lbs. I have now lost the equivalent of one Abby.


  1. It's so nice to have something that weighs similar to put things in perspective for us! Good job!

  2. good for you .. you look great!

  3. Isn't that just amazing to think about?? If you had to carry her on your back all the time?? Glad your BP was good, and hope you can get off all the BP meds soon! I take a combo med too, but I don't have expectations I'll get off mine, I started them when I was only 10 pounds overweight and exercised every day. :-P The peeing thing is totally annoying, and I've gotten myself stuck in some awkward situations if I forget to plan for it, lol. That is the med I hate most.