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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Pre-Op Weight-loss = 20 lbs
Since Surgery 10/26/12 = 34 lbs
Total Weight-loss = 54 lbs

I forgot to record my weigh-in last week, but it was pretty much the same as the previous week. TOM was a bitch this month. So I'm down 2 lbs since then. I was on liquids yesterday. Translation: I was hungry all day, despite having some high calorie protein shakes/smoothies. And I didn't have a single bite of Valentine's candy. I may be making up for it a little today.

For our monthly meeting at work, they bring in breakfast tacos. Some months I've been able to eat them, some months it doesn't work out. I successfully ate a breakfast taco (tortilla and all!) this morning, without getting stuck, despite the 6.1 cc's in my band. Prior to the lap band, I would have eaten two of them. So I'm pretty happy today.

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